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Apr 03

We Say ‘Sharing is Good’. Well, Do We Really Share?

Last weekend, a great conference took place in Istanbul. The aim of the conference was creating a platform for sharing for schools that give education within a framework of an international program. Some of our teachers also attended this conference as presenters and shared their experiences with the other educators. After the conference, the organizing …

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Apr 03

Paylaşmak Güzeldir Diyoruz. Peki Gerçekten Paylaşıyor muyuz?


Geçtiğimiz hafta sonu çok güzel bir konferans gerçekleşti. Konferans uluslararası bir program çerçevesinde eğitim sunan okul öğretmen ve yöneticilerinin paylaşımda bulunması hedefiyle gerçekleştirilmiş bir organizasyondu. Bizim öğretmenlerimiz de özenle hazırladıkları sunumları paylaştılar bu konferansta. Organizasyonu yapan okul, konuşmacılara konferans sonrasında bir e-posta gönderdi ve sunumlarını etkinliğin web sitesinde paylaşmak istediklerini ifade etti. Bu e-postaya gelen …

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Dec 25

11 Random Facts, Questions, Answers and ELT Bloggers

Thanks to my friend Eva for tagging me in this blog challenge:) I met Eva (first online, then f2f) a couple of years ago, and she is one of the most valuable members of my PLN. Well, to say the truth, the challenge seemed a bit confusing to me, but I thought it could be fun. …

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Feb 24

Going To IATEFL For The First Time? Here Is Some Advice For You From My PLN

Having been the source of inspiration of ISTEK ELT, IATEFL Conference is the most important ELT event of the year for me. This year, I am very happy to be presenting with Luke Meddings and looking forward to meeting the ELT professionals and friends from all around the world. I have been invited to do …

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Jan 29

Twitter Followers Are Not Avatars, They Are Real People

This morning, I noticed that a Turkish columnist who started following me and who I followed back unfollowed me (tongue twister of the day:) Then I went to friendorfollow and saw that a couple of Turkish professors did the same. First they follow people, then people follow them back and then they unfollow people. Is …

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Jan 14

10 Tips To Look Professional Online

I decided to write this post after getting frustrated with a couple of Facebook status updates during the snow holiday in Istanbul. Those messages looked very unprofessional, and I thought it was a shame because those teachers also had their students (maybe students’ parents) and some administrators as Facebook friends. Taking this as a starting …

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Oct 31

Who is Leaving Lasting Footprints in EdTech?

Since I started using online social networks, I’ve met many inspiring educators who use technology in their classes and make a real impact on their students’ learning experiences. I also know that there are some teachers who do great things in their classrooms, but cannot find time to share their experiences with other teachers on …

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Jan 27

My PLN Thinks… “Looking For Another Dimension” by Patrick Jackson

It’s a bit awkward. Most of my living is made from adoptions in far flung lands. I am frequently made to feel like the scum of the Earth and I read a lot of things that suggest my work is soon and inevitably going to disappear like something out of The Day After Tomorrow. Frozen …

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Oct 18

Six Reasons Why You Cannot Be A Bad Teacher

Year 2011. And it is almost impossible to be a bad teacher. Because… If you are a teacher who is passionate about teaching and who considers continuous professional development as an important aspect of your career, the opportunities to become a good teacher are ENDLESS. I am not going to share with you a long …

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Mar 28

“10 Things For Teacher Bloggers To Do Before The ISTEK Conference” by Adam Simpson

Not many people know that my background is in business and economics. Not many people know this because it is a well-kept secret. Nevertheless, I like to dust off the Michael Douglas power-braces every now and then and get all business speaky. Here’s my list of ten go-getter strategies for the teacher blogger looking to …

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