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Oct 23

ISTEK ELT 2013 Call for Proposals is Now Open!

I am very happy to announce that the 3rd ISTEK International ELT Conference is going to take place in 26-28 April 2013 at Yeditepe University in Istanbul. The conference website will be online in December, but the call for proposals is open at . The deadline for speaker proposals is 1 February 2013. I hope …

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Jan 14

Please Send Your Good Energies To Gozde

There have been some changes regarding my work life which I will write about another time. I started working at Yeditepe University where we had both of the ISTEK conferences. Last week I learned that a Yeditepe student has been battling a very rare type of cancer since 2003 and she is having a very …

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Oct 17

Einstein Would Have Loved an iPad!

Einstein, who was never able to recall his own phone number, was famous for not memorizing anything that could be quickly and easily looked up in a standard reference volume. “Never memorize what you can look up in books,” he said. (Source: Life Magazine) He said this probably in 1920s when books and newspapers were …

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Dec 03

The 2010 Edublog Awards

My picks for the 2010 Edublog Awards: Best individual blog: Teacher Reboot Camp by Shelly Terrell Best individual tweeter: Shelly Terrell Best new blog: Reflections of a Teacher and Learner by Dave Dodgson Best resource sharing blog: Breaking News English by Sean Banville Most influential blog post: Bullied, Blackmailed, Defamed, Threatened by Gavin Dudeney Most …

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Jun 28

I’m Taking A Summer Break To Charge Up

It’s been almost two years since I started blogging. It was the same time I started tweeting. I didn’t know that both blogging and tweeting would be addictive. I’m so happy to share great ideas and meet wonderful people via Twitter and blogging. This academic year was a big challenge for me. I started a …

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Sep 02

A Thank You Message For The Guest Writers of “SPREAD YOUR KNOWLEDGE”

Spread your knowledge… After writing the first post of this series (Do a presentation at a conference), I thought that if I invited guest writers to continue, the title of the series and the way it was written would match perfectly. I am very happy that I reached my aim and the series inspired a …

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Feb 06

Here I am!

This is the second week of my term break and finally I decided to start my blog. Actually I couldn’t find time before because I’ve been pretty busy with my class blog ( which is going very well! I have been maintaining the class blog for two years. I am glad that this year my 5th graders like the …

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May 29

Coming soon!

In this blog the English teachers around the world will be able to find useful information, links, important events and discussions. Coming soon:)