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Jan 03

DOs and DON’Ts of Blogging With Students

This is a little reminder for the blogging ISTEK teachers. I will announce the details of the ISTEK Blogs Competition very soon on and I thought it would be a good idea to publish some DOs and DON’Ts just before that. These guidelines are specific to our school but some of the suggestions might …

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Dec 06

A Beginner’s Guide To Edublogging

Well, the reason I decided to put together some information and tips about edublogging here, on my blog is the “Class Blogging” system that we are implementing at my school. Actually we started it last year and I’m sure our class blogs will be more successful this year. We have eight schools in Istanbul and …

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Dec 03

My Nominations for The 2009 Edublog Awards

Best individual blog: Six Things by Lindsay Clandfield Best individual tweeter: @ShellTerrell @tomwhitby @web20classroom Best new blog: Ken Wilson’s Blog Digital Play by Graham Stanley & Kyle Mawer TEFL Matters by Marisa Constantinides Best class blog Gelincik Grubu Best resource sharing blog Nik’s Learning Technology Blog Larry Ferlazzo’s Website of the Day TEFLtastic with Alex …

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Dec 01

40 Influential and Innovative Educators in ELT

who will help you see the power of PLN (PART II) Kyle B. Pace (USA): Kyle is one of the people in my list who is not an English teacher. He is a must-to-follow in my opinion. I don’t need to write about him in detail. Start following him and then you will realize what …

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Nov 28

40 Influential and Innovative Educators in ELT

who will help you see the power of PLN (PART I) I know what it feels like to be new to online social networking and the world of Web 2.0. You decide that it would be good to meet English teachers from other countries, learn about Web 2.0 and may even be thinking of starting …

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Nov 10

Top 10 Widgets For Your Class Blog is my favourite widget. It is a great tool to share files. I call it ‘homework box’. First you need to set up an account.  Choose the ‘Lite’ plan which is free. Follow the instructions and finally embed the code to your blog. When you want to upload a file, just go to …

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Nov 01

Rules For Writing Blog Articles

by Ken Wilson I promised Burcu that I would write something about writing a blog, and try to establish some rules of good blogging. Now I’m worried – ARE there any rules of good blogging? Or is writing about writing a bit like telling jokes about why jokes are funny? Doomed to failure. I’ll try …

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Oct 21

10 Steps To Be A Blogging School

In this article, I would like to share the 10 steps for being a blogging school. This is the way I decided to follow based on my experiences as a teacher and blogger. Maybe, before writing this kind of a  blog post, I should wait until the experience proves to be successful. So please remember: …

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Oct 12

Blogging Schools

It was 2007 when I started blogging with my students. I was very lucky that I didn’t have any trouble with the school management, they trusted that I would do a good job and  just let me blog with my students. It worked well but it was at individual level (only I and a friend …

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Sep 03

My Self-Hosting Adventure

Yesss! Finally I’m self-hosting my blog! It feels like moving to my own house! It’s been very challenging and to be honest finding my way and figuring out how it works was not very easy at the beginning. I found a hosting company that is recommended by WordPress . The company I’ve chosen is Just …

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