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Mar 14

“British Council Turkey Teacher + Competition” by Jason Price

There were tearful scenes on the podium as Ozlem Akin, a state school teacher from the central Anatolian city of Kirsehir, was voted Turkey’s ‘Teacher +’ and walked off with first prize of a trip to the annual IATEFL teachers’ conference in Liverpool this April. What is a Teacher+? Six months ago British Council Turkey …

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Mar 02

SPREAD YOUR ENTHUSIASM – “Teachers Can Do It!” by Zeynep Cihan

This is the story of three lovely English teachers and entrepreneurs in Istanbul, Turkey. If you like to meet them, they will be at ISTEK ELT 2013 Exhibition Area waiting for you at their wonderful stand:) As ESL teachers who have been working at many different language schools and private schools, my partners Gizem Altunyuva …

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Oct 31

Who is Leaving Lasting Footprints in EdTech?

Since I started using online social networks, I’ve met many inspiring educators who use technology in their classes and make a real impact on their students’ learning experiences. I also know that there are some teachers who do great things in their classrooms, but cannot find time to share their experiences with other teachers on …

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Jan 27

My PLN Thinks… “Looking For Another Dimension” by Patrick Jackson

It’s a bit awkward. Most of my living is made from adoptions in far flung lands. I am frequently made to feel like the scum of the Earth and I read a lot of things that suggest my work is soon and inevitably going to disappear like something out of The Day After Tomorrow. Frozen …

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Mar 28

“10 Things For Teacher Bloggers To Do Before The ISTEK Conference” by Adam Simpson

Not many people know that my background is in business and economics. Not many people know this because it is a well-kept secret. Nevertheless, I like to dust off the Michael Douglas power-braces every now and then and get all business speaky. Here’s my list of ten go-getter strategies for the teacher blogger looking to …

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Feb 28

SPREAD YOUR ENTHUSIASM – “Students Without Borders” by Sebnem Oral

I would like to share one of my teaching experiences that I had with my grade 5 students. We started to use the book ‘Cornerstone’ from Longman this year. Our first unit was ‘Helping others’. The big question for our class was ‘How could they make a difference in their lives and in the lives …

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Jan 10

10 Teaching Tools for the EFL Classroom

by Karen Schweitzer The web is an excellent place for educators to find free teaching tools for the EFL classroom. There are sites that provide interactive exercises, online communities, virtual robots, podcasts, and other materials designed to enhance classroom instruction. Here are ten fee sites for teachers and students to explore throughout the school year. …

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Nov 01

Rules For Writing Blog Articles

by Ken Wilson I promised Burcu that I would write something about writing a blog, and try to establish some rules of good blogging. Now I’m worried – ARE there any rules of good blogging? Or is writing about writing a bit like telling jokes about why jokes are funny? Doomed to failure. I’ll try …

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Oct 05

“20 Forums and Blogging Communities for Teachers” by Karen Schweitzer

Online forums and blogging communities make it easy for teachers to find online resources, connect with colleagues, pose questions, find educational answers, and share ideas with others in the educational community. This article contains a list of 20 forums and blogging communities for teachers to explore: –, a resource site for teachers, features …

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Aug 29

SPREAD YOUR KNOWLEDGE! (Part VIII) ‘Write (More Of) Your Own ELT materials’ by Jason Renshaw

There are, of course, many obvious reasons for creating your own ELT materials. Coursebooks don’t have enough materials in them (or not enough of the ones you really need), some things may need more extensive practice or explanation, and sometimes there is no material whatsoever! With your own materials, you get to do things more …

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