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Aug 10

SPREAD YOUR KNOWLEDGE! (Part VII) ‘Write An Article For A Magazine’ by Alex Case

… or Something Else or Elsewhere I’ve published well over a hundred TEFL articles on sites like Humanising Language Teaching, Onestopenglish, Developing Teachers,, and in magazines like English Teaching Professional and Modern English Teacher, plus several hundred book reviews and worksheets, including my latest review in ELT Journal in October- something that I long …

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Aug 06

SPREAD YOUR KNOWLEDGE! (Part VI) ‘Make a PRESTO’ by Heike Philp

A call for presenters to PREsent your TOpic with 10 slides auto-advancing every 20 seconds (total of 3min 20sec) went out to experienced ESL and EFL presenters, language learning experts and language learning technologists a mere six weeks ago. How did this speedy presentation technique came about? Why so short and who is invited to …

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Aug 03

SPREAD YOUR KNOWLEDGE! (Part V) ‘Join Twitter’ by Shelly Terrell (@ShellTerrell)

Stage 1: Newbie I believe Twitter works in stages that interlock, which is shown in the above image. I joined Twitter in April 2009 when my little sister asked me if Twitter was useful for educators. I had to investigate, so I joined and added some educators I knew and all the educators in my …

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Jul 30

SPREAD YOUR KNOWLEDGE! (Part IV) ‘Join Second Life’ by Gavin Dudeney

A Whole New World There are many ways of meeting up with people and sharing your skills and knowledge these days: you can opt for the traditional face-to-face model with all its advantages of food, wine, good company and stimulating conversation or you can (more often than not, for many reasons) do it online. The …

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Jul 27

SPREAD YOUR KNOWLEDGE! (Part III) ‘Leave Comments To Teacher Blogs’ by Sara Hannam

Why Leave a Comment on ELT Blogs? “Blogging is just creative writing in another form – it’s all about communicating & making links” “I blog cos I want to express myself in spaces that are not being controlled and monitored – where I can be myself” “I get a lot of information from blogging which …

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Jul 22

SPREAD YOUR KNOWLEDGE! (Part II) & Start A Blog by Lindsay Clandfield

Six Tips On Starting Your Own Blog For Fellow Teachers 1. Read what’s out there Before venturing into the blogosphere yourself, it’s probably a good idea to check out what is already out there. There are more and more blogs being started by teachers for teachers and lots of really good stuff out there already. …

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