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Who Is Going To Be The ISTEK ELT 2011 Roving Reporter? You Decide!

I would like to thank my colleagues for their interest in this competition. We watched brilliant videos and although it was very difficult to choose, we agreed on the top three roving reporter candidates. I would like to thank Anna Varna, Mark Andrews and Sabrina De Vita for their contributions.

The ISTEK ELT 2011 Roving Reporter will be chosen by your votes so please watch the videos and vote for your favorite roving reporter candidate. The poll will be closed on 6, March 2011 at 23:59 pm and the result will be announced the next day. Thank you:-)

Anna Varna

Mark Andrews

Sabrina De Vita

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  1. adam

    Well done to all who entered. I’ve placed my vote and look forward to meeting the winner.

  2. Guido

    vamooo sabriii locoo!

  3. nacho

    Sabrina la rompeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    la mejor de las suertes para ti! te mereces esto y mucho mas!

  4. Eleni

    Congratulations to all participants! I have just voted.
    Good luck!

  5. James abela

    I want to wish Sabrina the very best of luck. Not only does she work hard at her school, but she also spends her spare tome sharing resources with other teachers.


    congradulations !!!!!!! well done.

  7. Carmen

    Congratulations to all the finalists!
    I like Mark’s presentation because it is concise and very focussed on the main idea of the workshop. He made it very interesting by using a variety of slides to illustrate the main ideas in the workshop. I really think Mark is going to be a wonderful rover reporter!!

  8. Stefka

    I like Mark

  9. Breda

    Congratulations to all three participants. Difficult to decide because I believe all three would make terrific reporters.

    Looking forward to hearing/seeing what the conference in Istanbul was like.

  10. Ileva

    M.Andrews is the best

  11. Martha Paley Francescato

    Sabrina is definitely the best of the lot. Not that the other two are bad –far from it. But Sabrina is closer to what a reporter should be– and say!

  12. Maya

    As always, Mark has done a superb job. Never in my life have I seen such devotion to and enthusiasm for teaching as you can find in him, regardless of whether he’s teaching students or training other teachers, and I admire him deeply for that.
    Best of luck to all the candidates. Great job everyone!
    To Mark: I hope you’ll go to Istanbul :)

  13. Dalila

    Sabri is a WONDERFUL teacher and an LOVELY person, she deserves to go!
    We love u Sabri, hugs!!!!
    Your crew

  14. Judit Bogisic

    I’ve just voted on a teacher who really IS a person who can lead you….Good luck!!!

  15. Gise

    Sabrina De Vita!!
    She´s the best! :D:D:D
    Voten voten!

  16. Gise

    Sabrina! Sabrina!

  17. Martin Lombardo

    Good luck Sabri!!

  18. Romina

    Bien Sabri!!! toda la buena onda y a ganar!!!

  19. bb

    Mark Andrews is the best teacher I have ever met. He is very enthusiastic about his job. He really deserves to win.

    1. Christine

      It’ll be Mark Andrews who goes to Istanbul, I’m sure!

  20. Juan

    Sabrina de Vita, is a great choice, and it seems to be a good person.

  21. 466654

    Go, Mark, go!

  22. Monica(Cluj, Romania)

    Excellent job, Mark! You really deserve to be ‘the chosen’.
    Good luck, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  23. Vale Pizzu


  24. @mmeveilleux

    It was very difficult for me to make a choice. I found each conference review engaging. What tipped the scales for me what Mark’s inclusion of visuals from the conference. I found that made me understand the content more clearly than in the other two presentations.

    I voted for Mark for the above reason but found Sabrina and Anna to be very engaging speakers because of their voice, body language and animated facial expressions.

  25. Lesley

    They are all deserving, I wish they could all go! But my vote goes to Mark. He did an excellent job of reporting on last year’s ISTEK from a distance – he deserves to be on-site this year and I’m sure he’ll be excellent. His presentation and the comments from his students above add confirm my decision. Good luck to all of you!

  26. Marion

    The best reporting was done by Mark Andrews.

  27. Atinc Yilmaz

    Go Mark!

  28. pakati

    Nice one Mark! :-) It was really interesting to watch the video!
    Although there were only images, but with the stories behind them, it was even better than a video-video.

  29. Julie

    Difficult to choose, loved the colourful background in Anna’s presentation and ISTEK is always colourful! Found Mark’s visuals helpful. Enjoyed listening to Sabrina’s chosen topic and her lively personality. May the winner include all these assets!

  30. Roger

    For me the best one is Mark’s.
    Very clear and pleasant voice.

  31. Bernd

    Mark Andrews is actually one of the best teachers I met in my career as a headmaster at a German privat school in Germany – not only in theory but in practise as well. His presentation really deserves an award.

  32. Summer Tefl Jobs

    I personally thought Mark’s was the best. Good luck to all the participants.


  33. Fernando Guarany

    Three very good candidates, but I really like Mark’s style!

    Looking forward to the results. =)

  34. Language Schools

    Mark Andrews seems to be the best for me :)

  35. Damian

    Go Sabri Go!! =)

  36. Philippe

    Mark talks most about the actual workshop, not about himself. Go Mark!

  37. Rose Senior

    I’ve voted for Mark because I think that, rather than focus on personal impressions of the workshop he observed, he has kept in mind that his job as a roving reporter is to transmit key information to the viewer – and the use of visuals helped greatly here.

    1. Gene

      Rose, I liked Sabrina De Vita the best. I never heard such a thorough comparison between wikis and blogs. Nice

  38. Betsy

    Each candidate was impressive, and I wish everyone could go. Yet my vote went to Mark Andrews for revealing his skills in teaching so well. I am confident that he will do an excellent job!

  39. Sonja

    Congratulations to all three candidates …but you don´t know what you miss if you don´t get MARK as your roving reporter!!!!
    @ Mark: Good luck and hope to hear from you twittering from Istanbul :))

  40. Kati

    I love the way Mark puts his topic in the foreground giving an authentic account of it by varied means but staying modestly out of the picture himself. Journalism at its best! Great job, Mark!

  41. Judit Bogisic


  42. Gino Corti

    I vote for Sabrina. Good Luck 😉

  43. enkeleida

    mark is the best teacher for me . he deserve to win.congrotulations mark. enkeleda.

  44. gita

    Although I found it rather difficult to choose one as all the roving reporters were engaging and fascinating, but my vote goes to mark asI liked the way he presented the visuals and everything was so clear and to the point.Good luck-:)))

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