Mar 07

And The Winner Is…

I am happy to announce that the winner of ISTEK ELT 2011 Roving Reporter Competition is Mark Andrews.

I would like to congratulate Mark on his success. I also want to thank Anna and Sabrina for their great performance.

Thank you for your votes and interest in the competition!

Mark will be with us in Istanbul and keeping you informed about what’s going on at ISTEK ELT.

Stay tuned!:-)


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  1. Philippe

    Well done, Mark! Happy to hear about the conference from you!

  2. Gergo Santha

    Congratulations, Mark!

  3. Lindsay Clandfield

    Congratulations Mark! Great stuff, and I know you will be a wonderful reporter. Look forward to seeing you there – I will give you a good scoop!

  4. Mike Harrison

    Well done, Mark! Big congratulations from SE London. I’m sure your reporting of the conference will be excellent, and like Lindsay, look forward to seeing you there!

  5. Christine

    This is great news! Congratulations, Mark!

  6. Miguel

    Congrats, Mark! What will you be doing next?

  7. Dale

    Great job Mark.

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