Oct 31

Who is Leaving Lasting Footprints in EdTech?

Since I started using online social networks, I’ve met many inspiring educators who use technology in their classes and make a real impact on their students’ learning experiences.

I also know that there are some teachers who do great things in their classrooms, but cannot find time to share their experiences with other teachers on blogs or online social networks.

So I’m inviting you to let me know who you think is leaving lasting footprints in Edtech. If you know a teacher who integrates technology into ELT in a meaningful way, please share his/her name with me for a new series I am planning to start on my blog. If you don’t want to leave a comment here, you can get in touch with me direct by filling out the contact form.

By the way, this teacher might just be you:)


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  1. Tim Scholze

    Dennis O’Connor @wiredinstructor

  2. Banu Aldemir

    I am one of those who uses the tools but has not started to post them on personal blogs yet? Would that count? :)

    1. burcuakyol

      Of course it does, Banu:)

      Can you send me your contact details through the contact form on the blog?



  3. Reyhan

    Hi, Miss Akyol,
    I am very happy to meet you. As I know you and some other, it is so good to use technology in classes. I use web 2.0 applications in my classes. I am an English teacher in a public school. So,what is your plan ? :)

    1. burcuakyol

      Hi Reyhan,
      Can you send me your contact details through the contact form on the blog?

      Thank you:)


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