Apr 12

“ELT Meets the Blogosphere” Handout and Slides

The results of my two years blogging experience with 5th grade students (ten year-olds) made me happy and satisfied so I decided to share my experience with colleagues. I have given a number of presentations in Turkey. As I mentioned in my previous posts, my latest talk was at IATEFL, Cardiff. Here you can download the handout and slides of my session. Actually you are not going to find an informative slide show. Because I focused on giving practical tips in the light of real examples by taking the participants on a blog tour. That’s why I tried to prepare a comprehensive handout. I hope you find it useful. I would be very happy if you give me feedback on this.

Next academic year, I am thinking of creating a Wiki and doing an action research on running a Blog and a Wiki at the same time with different classes. BLOGS vs. WIKIS:)) Any ideas?


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  1. Jamie Keddie

    What about using Camstudio to record a tour of you blog:
    You would have to be the tour guide of course so you would have to record your voice over it.
    Then you could put it on YouTube.

  2. Eric Atkinson

    I had the great pleasure of seeing the “ELT Meets the Blogosphere” presenatation at the IATEFL conference in Cardiff. It was truly inspirational. I would like all teachers to see this presentation and be inspired to use blogs in their classroom.

    Eric – a digital immigrant who wants to go native

  3. Valentina Dodge

    Thanks Burcu for sharing your energy and work with us, always wonderful to see other teachers pooling ideas and displaying learners’ work.
    Your commitment and dedication shine through 😉 One thing I found really interesting about your blog work is that it is public, it’s great when it can be ! Often with Young Learners it has to be password protected and the audience is then restricted.
    Also wonderful to see the effort teachers like yourself dedicate to making education so much more fun and colourful.

    Jamie’s idea of creating a Camtasia guide is cool – another tool that Nik Peachey introduced me to is http://www.simplybox.com/ – Have you used this?
    On Nik’s blog he used it to share the Blog Carnival list http://simplybox.com/public/?id=33119 and that made navigate really friendly. Maybe even nicer than YouTube as the users can click and explore further?

    Super to meet you and thanks for the brilliant session,

  4. Rob

    Well done, Burcu,

    I thought your IATEFL presenation was excllent (and it was nice to see so many people there) and I enjoyed your practical workshop in Ankara yesterday, too.

    I hope we can experience some more non-Engish food again sometime in the future. :-)


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