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40 Influential and Innovative Educators in ELT

who will help you see the power of PLN (PART II)

masterKyle B. Pace (USA): Kyle is one of the people in my list who is not an English teacher. He is a must-to-follow in my opinion. I don’t need to write about him in detail. Start following him and then you will realize what I mean. Here is his brief bio (taken from his Twitter page): Instructional/Consumer Technology Specialist, always online, author, amatuer blogger, teaching K-12 teachers about technology infusion. He blogs at http://kylepace.com/

Larry Ferlazzo (USA): Whatever I say would not be enough to tell you how important Larry is for us. I don’t know how he can find the time to find out and share so many great links. Larry blogs at http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/ .

Lindsay Clandfield (Spain): Lindsay is one of the most creative people I’ve ever met and his blog has the most unique style in the blogosphere. He blogs at http://sixthings.net/ . His idea of doing Pecha Kucha evenings at ELT conferences is amazing and I’m looking forward to the one he will host at ISTEK conference where he will be doing a plenary as well.

Marisa Constantinides (Greece): Marisa is a very valuable member of my PLN.  I really like to follow her blog and tweets because she reflects her positive attitude and valuable experiences to her tweets and blog posts . Marisa blogs at http://marisaconstantinides.edublogs.org/

Neal Chambers (Japan): Neal is a very positive and helpful person. He shares great stuff on Twitter and his blog. He writes a blog series on Englishspark.com and also blogs at http://nealchambers.wordpress.com/ .

Nik Peachey (Morocco): If there is a Web 2.0 history book in the future, there will definitely be a long chapter about Nik Peachey in that book. His Learning Technology blog is a GREAT place for educators. He also blogs at http://quickshout.blogspot.com/ .

Ozge Karaoglu (Turkey): Ozge is the most passionate and dedicated kindergarten teacher I’ve ever met. She is a lovely person with an endless energy and enthusiasm into her job. She blogs at http://ozgekaraoglu.edublogs.org/ .

Patrick Jackson (Ireland): Patrick is the author of Potato Pals which is a very popular book in Turkey. He blogs at http://potatopals.blogspot.com/ .

Russell Stannard (UK): Russell is the creator of the award winning  TTV (Teacher Training Videos) where you can find online videos about technology and ICT in education.

Sara Hannam (Greece): I think Sara is the best blog commentor in the ELT blogosphere and I’m very happy that she started her own blog a few months ago. She blogs at http://sjhannam.edublogs.org/

Sean Banville (UAE): I need another blog post to list Sean Banville’s websites. If you haven’t already, you should bookmark them. They are all full of great resources. Here is the list: http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/ , http://www.esldiscussions.com/ , http://www.famouspeoplelessons.com/, http://www.eslholidaylessons.com/ and I am very happy to welcome him to the blogosphere. He has started a new blog at http://seanbanville.com/ . I’m looking forward to reading a blog post by him about the inventions he’s working on. :-) (I’m waiting for that pill Sean, the one that keeps you awake 24 hrs :-)

Seth Dickens (Italy): Seth is a  consultant on ICT in language teaching. He blogs at http://www.digitalang.com/blog/. Although we haven’t met  in real life, his tweets make me feel as though I’ve known him for a long time.

Shelly Terrell (Germany): Shelly is one of the most hardworking and dedicated teachers I’ve ever met. Because I recently met her in real life, I can say that she brightens your life with the sweetest laughter you can imagine.  Looking forward to meeting her again! She blogs at http://teacherbootcamp.edublogs.org/

Stephen W. Anderson (USA): Stephen is the second educator in the list who is not involved in ELT. He is a technology educator. He blogs at http://web20classroom.blogspot.com/. He shares great stuff both on Twitter and his blog. I can say that I bookmark almost all the links he shares on Twitter. I also like his motivational tweets. Here is one of them:


Sue Lyon-Jones (UK): Sue is a great friend who I want to meet in real life one day. She runs an English language website at http://www.esolcourses.com/ where she offers free lessons and teaching resources.

Sue Waters (Australia): Sue is the third person in this list who is not involved in ELT. She is the editor of Edublogger.  I think I can call her the blogging guru :-) I sometimes send e-mails to her asking for support (my school is an Edublogs Campus member and from time to time I need technical support), I don’t  have a clue how she can always reply to me in less than fifteen minutes! She blogs at http://suewaters.com/. Also check out her great wiki at http://suewaters.wikispaces.com/

Tamas Lorincz (UAE): Tamas is a wholehearted and responsive member of my PLN. I am thankful to him for encouraging me a lot with his great comments since I started my teacher blog.  Tamas blogs at http://tamaslorincz.edublogs.org/.

Thomas Whitby (USA): Thomas is definitely the coolest person on Twitter. He is the PLN guru :-) He is the creator of the Educator’s PLN– The personal learning network for educators. Read his PLN Blueprint Series at The Educators’ Royal Treatment to learn how to develop an effective PLN.

Tony Watt (UK): Tony is a very warm-hearted and supportive member of my PLN. He tweets great stuff all the time.  Tony blogs at http://micronarratives.blogspot.com/.

Valentina Dodge (Italy): I met Valentina at the last IATEFL conference in Cardiff. She is a great person. I’m very lucky that she’s my tutor in the online CertICT course that I’m taking at the moment. Valentina blogs at http://lifelonglearning.edublogs.org/ .



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  1. Shelly Terrell

    You should include your name as well! You are a brilliant person who promotes and supports their PLN. You’ve been my crying shoulder and are beautiful inside and out!

    1. burcuakyol

      You’re truly a great friend and a great great inspiration!

  2. Marisa Constantinides

    Truly chuffed to be in your Top 40 Burcu.. Makes up for the singing career I did not follow and the charts I never made!!!

    Thank you for this very gracious mention.
    .-= Marisa Constantinides´s last blog ..Don’t forget the pedagogy =-.

    1. burcuakyol

      Hope to listen to your beautiful voice one day:-)

      1. Marisa Constantinides

        You will be sorry! I should not be encouraged!
        .-= Marisa Constantinides´s last blog ..Don’t forget the pedagogy =-.

  3. Emma Herrod

    Thank-you for the time you put into this. It’s really SO valuable for us relative newbies to have some recommendations on who to learn from.

    Emma :)

    1. burcuakyol

      Thanks for the comment Emma! It’s great to be following you on Twitter. I love the way you interact with people. Tweet you later:-)

  4. Neal Chambers

    This is quite a complete list of all the greats of ELT. Thanks for compiling this and connecting on us all. I really think there has been an explosion of late of bloggers and people contributing to EFL. It’s great to be mentioned amongst the giants.
    I believe it should be 41 Influential and Innovative Educators in ELT. I think it is missing one name. I can’t remember right now. She teaches in Turkey, has a really great (and colorful btw) blog.
    Oh, I can’t think of her name…
    She is always helping people and providing great tips and information about teaching.
    Right on the tip of my tongue. Starts with a ‘B’…
    She made a really snappy and professional Pecha Kucha presentation on Twitter. She is helping a group of schools setup blogs.
    Oh, that’s right – Burcu! Burcu Akyol! Thanks for helping, encouraging and inspiring us all.
    .-= Neal Chambers´s last blog ..Teaching with Technosity =-.

    1. burcuakyol

      :-) Thanks Neal! It’s very sweet of you. As Shelly said a couple days ago while we were talking on Skype, “The virtual is the new real.” All of you are very important to me. The feeling of being belong to such a great group is very motivating!

  5. Patrick Jackson

    Thanks Burcu, All the very best from Ireland (a.k.a the North Pole) for a happy, linked, 2010.

  6. Anne Hodgson

    All the best for a well-connected and supportive new year, Burcu :)
    .-= Anne Hodgson´s last blog ..MadTV’s Apple iPad =-.

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