Jun 21

Top … ELT People To Follow On Twitter

Top 10? Top 50? Top 100? No, thanks… I think these lists usually forget a lot of great people so please fill in the blanks and send me the names of your favourite ELT twitterers so that I can extend the list. My aim in creating this list is to guide the newly joined twitterers.

“Three keys to more abundant living: caring about others, daring for others, sharing with others.” William Arthur Ward

That’s what Twitter is all about for me. Sharing! This list includes people who I follow and who follow me. They are mostly active twitterers. You might also see a few non-ELT people in the list. These are great twitterers who interact with ELT people a lot. I want to emphasize once again that I am sure that there are many more great ELT people that I just don’t know about and I am looking forward to meeting them as well.

So here we go! (the list is not in any order and the information is directly taken from the people’s Twitter pages.)

@TheEngTeacher : Aniya Adly. E-Teaching Consultant, Personal ESL Trainer
@kenwilsonlondon :
Ken Wilson. ELT writer and trainer, drama wallah, former English Teaching Theatre director, sketch and songwriter, soccer fan and movie addict.
@kalinagoenglish :
Karenne Sylvester. EFL + ESP: IT teacher, teacher-trainer, blogger, writer, webmaster and juggler of many frogs.
Neal Chambers. English Conversation teacher, EFL guy, social media buff, technology fanatic.
Annie Cook. Learn Languages As Easy And Quick As Kids. I teach Mandarin, speak 5 languages, and am still learning.
Shelly Terrell. US english language teacher in Germany. Interested in e-learning, educational technology, writing, learning languages, traveling, poetry, and pugs.
Shonah Kennedy. ESL teacher. Learn English Online. Passionate about language aquisition and teaching English.
@tamaslorincz: Tamas Lorincz. English teacher, English learner – forever, likes talking to teachers and student.
Gavin Dudeney. Edu-technologist, Author, Teacher Trainer, E-consultant, Moodle and 2nd Life.
Jamie Keddie. Teacher, teacher trainer, writer.
@teflclips: Jamie Keddie.
A website dedicated to the role of YouTube in ELT
Larry Ferlazzo. Inner-city High School teacher — ESL; Mainstream.
Sara Hannam. I do all manner of things really.
Betty Carlson. Live in France, into online pursuits, reading, food/wine, music, and my teaching job.
Nik Peachey. Learning Technology Consultant, Writer, Trainer http://nikpeachey.blogspot.com/ http://quickshout.blogspot.com/
@suewaters:Sue Waters. Helping others with education, elearning and blogging. Edublogs and Blogs.mu community faciliator. My other blog is theedublogger.edublogs.org
Holly Suel. American Expat living in Finland teaching English everywhere…My passion is live online language training!
EFLteacher/teacher trainer, BBChick.
Chris Cotter. Online, offline, always an English teacher.
@Glenniehubb: Glenn Hubbard, 53 year-old British teacher of English. Fluent Spanish speaker. Geeky-ish. Occasional birdwatcher.
Felipe Morales. Teacher, Educator, web 2.0, e-learning, social learning, blogs…
Natasa Bozic Grojic. Mother, wife, teacher of English, Webhead, lifelong learner, daydreamer, geek, insomniac.
Jeremy Harmer. ELT writer, teacher, trainer and presenter. Music lover, singer, player.
Kenny Christian. Engineer, Thinker, Entrepreneur, Artist. Developer of things and Ideas. New clients and projects for English language services pros http://bbltwt.com/02rg7
Language lover (english and german), at home around boats, music and curious people.
Marisa Constantinides. Run CELT, TEFL Teacher Training centre in Athens, Greece; offering CELTA & DELTA courses.
Barbara Sakamoto. English teacher, author, webhead, Second Life resident.
Lindsay Clandfield. Writer, trainer, teacher.
Silvia Tolisano. 21st Century Learning Specialist- Technology Integration.
Providing useful information and quality products to English teachers since 1983.
Jack Drolet. ESL teacher in the post lobotomy stages of self-actualization.
Arjana B. A teacher, a traveler, a travel writer wannabe.
Sinikka Laakio-W. Hello! I am a teacher of English and French from Finland, active in many online and face-to-face student exchange projects.
LUZ BEGOÑA. English / Spanish language trainer.
Graham Stanley. Barcelona-based teacher, ICT co-ordinator, Second Life resident, music lover.
@carldowse: Carl Dowse.
Education – ICT & English for Business.
Valentina Dodge. Online moderator, EFL teacher at the university of naples L’Orientale, materials developer, business English trainer and ICT consultant.
Roderick Silva. How do you use all this new technology stuff in the classroom? Real EdTech advice, for real educators. The how and the why explained from a certified geek.
Carol Goodey. Work in ESL, ESOL and ALN.
Matthias Heil. I’m a God-loving, tech-driven, life-enjoying teacher of English and Religious Education in Germany… married with two children.
@adhockley: Andy Hockley.
Brit living in Transylvania. ELT Management consultant and co-author of CUP’s From Teacher to Manager.
Tom Whitby. Professor of Education in Secondary English. Linkedin group Founder/owner Technology-Using Professors + TWITTER-Using Educators.
Carol Rainbow. RL – ICT Education Consultant UK, SL – interested in all sorts.
Nergiz Kern. EFL teacher, photographer, Internet enthusiast, lifelong learner, Mac user, Second Life language teacher http://edurizon.com/
Jan Geronimo. Powered by coffee, laughter and dreams.
Carl Robinson, Dr Who fan, Publishing Manager in ELT, recent twitter convert, like to think I am a thinker…
Tim Crangle, Small biz owner MBA Trainer, Teacher, Translator, Geek, Guitar player, cook/eater/drinker, dad and husband, French culture lover, Brit expat.
@BCHK_teacher: I’m a Teacher of English at the British Council in Hong Kong, I’m into sharing learning resources for teachers and students.
@daylemajor: Dayle Major, EFL teacher in South Korea; interested juggler; language learner.
@icpjones: Head of Languages in the North West of England, French and Spanish teacher also teaching in Primary, EAL and basic German, qualified translator/interpreter.
Tom Guadagno, English Teacher, Grammar and Vocabulary Nerd, Proofreader for Spelling and Grammar, Artist, Poet, Memoir and Inspirational Writer,Optimist, Married.
Gabriela Sellart. EFL teacher from Buenos Aires.
Secondary languages teacher, principal, now in IT web filter manager.
@esolcourses: Sue Lyon-Jones. ESOL/ICT tutor, web & multimedia developer, Interests include: web 2.0/accessibility, language learning, photoshop, film & animation, screenwriting, music.
@English_Phrases: Peter Travis. Learning or teaching advanced English? Free materials to develop communication skills at Splendid Speaking. Try our daily quiz on English phrases.
@Gapfillers: EFL mlearning elearning site new topical content everyday.
@tseale: EnhancedEnglishTeach. 9th grade English teacher teaching in a computer lab using technology to enhance the curriculum.
@paulallison: Paul Allison. English Teacher at East-West School of International Studies and Tech Liaison for the New York City Writing Project.
@sethdickens: Seth Dickens. I’m a happy chap, living in the beautiful Italian Alps as well as being a consultant on ICT in language teaching.
@englishteach8: Pilar (aka Dreamer). Teacher and bookworm. Love the English language, books, cooking, blogs, new technologies, education, Second Life…
@diamondfingerz: Peter Thwaites. EFL teacher and lover of learning.
@Englishonthenet: Simon Bourn. A French Kiwi, teaching English and French face to face and in virtual learning environments.
@ELLCteacher: Floria. Tweetering about life as an ESL teacher at Howard Community College in Columbia, MD, USA.
@cuppa_coffee: Tony Watt. EFL school manager and MA student. Into language, culture, critical theory, continental philosophy, jazz, ambient, classical music, coffee and Japan.
@webenglishteach: Web English Teacher. English teacher, technology advocate, webmaster. I’ll follow you back if your bio indicates you’re an educator.

Final note: Remember to add yourself to the ELT twitterers directory.

Happy twittering (without spams and inappropriate followers:)!



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  1. MissShonah

    I feel honoured to be on your list-Thank you.

    Also thank you for all the great interaction on twitter, I’m constantly learning from you and many of the people on your list

    Shonah :-)

  2. Sara Hannam

    Couldn’t agree with you more that the people who influence extend far beyond the big names. My list would be as long as my arm and further! Thank you so much for including me on your list!
    Best wishes
    Sara Hannam

  3. Karenne Sylvester

    Hi Burcu,

    Thanks so much for the inclusion and for this great list of more twits (LOL) to follow!

    I enjoy your tweets so much and you’re absolutely right, it’s all about the sharing, recently I feel like my brain has been exploding, changing definitely – am learning so fast from all these great people around the world.

    See u in the micro and macro blogosphere!


  4. Luz Begoña

    @josepicardo @bencurtis @spanishsam @mypcandi @scothorbury @VoicesenEspanol @grahung (the latter is not into ELT but worth following & reading his blog)

  5. eleyole

    Thank you very much for this helpful list.

  6. Holly Longstroth

    Wow! Thanks! I’m blown away… See you on Twitter! *grin*

  7. Chris Cotter

    Thank you so much for including me your list. I’m not sure if anyone has ever considered me influential… Not sure I do. Now I have to live up to these new expectations.

    Thank you again!

    Chris Cotter
    Heads Up English (www.headsupenglish.com)
    Flashcard Hub (www.flashcardhub.com)

  8. Simon

    Hi Burcu. Thanks for adding me to your list. I have already got some new followers as a result.

  9. Barbara Sakamoto

    Thanks, Burcu! I just got back into town from a conference and checked your blog first thing. What a wonderful surprise–I think this is the first list I’ve been on! I’m honored :-)

  10. Kenny Chritian English Profi

    I can confirm that this is a great list because I see these folks posting great tweets all the time. Burcu, thanks for noticing us all and taking the time to mention us. I look forward to adding those few I do not already follow. Cheers!

    EnglishProfi.com is a advertising portal for English language services professionals where they can promote their services. Our goal is to make it easy for companies and the public to find all the language talent they need in one place. On Twitter we share language industry news, info, tips and fun.

  11. Paul Maglione

    Great list; Twitter is proving a very flexible and convenient tool in keeping tabs on the evolving EFL-Think, and the link-through to everyone’s blogs keeps the conversation flowing nicely. Good stuff!

  12. arjana

    OMG, I’m on the list! I feel honoured :-) to be part of this gr8 group of people who know a lot and want to share their knowledge. I’ve discovered a whole new world of amazing possibilites for English teachers. And you, Burcu, are by far the friendliest and most supportive twitterer.
    Thank you.

  13. Valentina Dodge

    I’ll remember I’m on this great list when I have that “stop twittering and get bak to work” feeling 😉
    So sweet!

  14. Natasa Bozic Grojic

    Wow, Burcu. I am so flattered to be on this list. Thank you.
    Thanks to you, I have a lot of really interesting new followers. You are the best example of “caring about others, daring for others, sharing with others”.
    For me, Twitter is all about interaction. Otherwise, it would just be shouting in the dark and not caring whether anyone reads what you have to say.

  15. Peter

    Many thanks for including English Phrases on your list. I’ve really taken to Twitter over the past few months and it’s down to people like those on this list that have made it so addictive!

  16. Anne

    Thank you Burcu!

    Yes, the list is getting longer and longer. Hope we’ll have new twitter tools soon to help us share information even better.

    All the best!

  17. Neal Chambers

    Thanks Burcu!

    I feel honored to have made the list. You’ve really made Twittering useful. All of the people on this list actually use Twitter to its fullest. Thank you everyone for making it a great place.


  18. burcuakyol

    I’d like to thank all of you for your great comments!

    I’m very happy that you think the list is useful. I still wonder how many ELT people in the world are on Twitter:-) Hopefully they find us or we find them and our great community gets bigger!

    By the way, try convincing your colleagues to join Twitter! I’m sure most of you do:-)

    Happy twittering!


  19. jan geronimo

    Thanks, Burcu.

    This proves that we don’t tweet in vain, after all. For every anxious tweet we send out there another kindly soul picks it up and finds meaning in it. For every funny tweet there’s a corresponding chuckle heard at the other end of the globe.

    Thanks for citing these great twittersationalists. They make life less humdrum. They humanize Twitter and make it less of a noisy marketplace. They make it a virtual living room where people of all persuasions converge and have a decent conversation.

    Thank you. Now if only I know what ELT means my happiness being included in this elite list will be complete. “,)

  20. TEFL.net

    Thanks for this great list! And thanks to Sue Lyon Jones for linking to it in answering our question “Who should I follow?”: http://my.englishclub.com/group/twitterteachers

    Please stop by and add your name. We’re also curious as to which hashtags you generally use: #ESL #EFL #EFL…

    Now I’m off to follow all of you…

    Tara Benwell

  21. Kenny Chritian English Profi

    I am still happy to tweet this list of great ESL peeps.

  22. tony

    Thanks! Wow, I am honoured! Now I need to post something really good?!?

    Already checked out most recommendations on your list. Thanks for your great blog.


  23. Marisa

    Thanks, Burcu, for the list. I’m glad I’m following most of these ESL specialists and I’m learning a lot apart from enhancing my classes with insightful material.
    Marisa (@Mtranslator)

  24. Tony Gurr

    Burch – great job. And super makeover! Next time can you get us home phone numbers 😉

    Take care – keep up the great work!


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