Jan 28

A New Series: My PLN says…

social network

I am starting a new series called “My PLN says…” . The readers will find a selection of ideas and resources which are shared on Twitter, Facebook and other online networks and communities. I am planning to post my selections twice a month but sometimes it can be less or more frequent depending on my workload.

I decided to start this series to be able to….

Keep a better track of the shared resources

Everyday I retweet, forward or bookmark a lot of great resources. If I feel that I have another responsibility which is sharing these resources on my blog as well, I think I will keep a better track of all these great stuff.

Store my favourites on my blog

By publishing selections regularly on my blog, I will be able to create an online archive for my readers and myself.

Encourage teachers to build their PLNs

I hope that the teachers who haven’t met the incredible power of PLNs will be inspired by the selections I post and decide to build their PLNs.

Share worth spreading ideas and resources

As well as helping me build a strong personal learning network, writing a blog raised my awareness of the importance of sharing knowledge and ideas. For this reason, I try to take every chance to share worth spreading ideas and resources on my blog. I believe this series will be another great opportunity for that.

“My PLN says…” is very excited to meet its readers next week!


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  1. Ruth Cohenson

    What a great idea- I often feel I might have missed something wonderful if I don’t have the opportunity to check tweets a few times a day. With your round-up of resources and ideas, I can breathe a bit easier! Thanks,

  2. Glennie

    Great idea!

  3. Lindsay Clandfield

    Wow. Looking forward to this one Burcu!
    .-= Lindsay Clandfield´s last blog ..Six ways for teachers to address the Haitian crisis =-.

  4. Mike Harrison

    This is a great idea. Twitter is great if you can have it running in the background, so you can click on to things as they come up. Unfortunately, anything to do with social interaction (Twitter, Facebook, certain blog sites) gets blocked on our staff PCs – which means I feel like I’m missing out!

    Needless to say I’m looking forward to this one.
    .-= Mike Harrison´s last blog ..What RSS really means and encouraging learner autonomy =-.

  5. Ed

    Great idea. Looking forward to checking in! Being in Australia, I often think I miss good things because of the time zone.
    .-= Ed´s last blog ..A personal learning reflection… =-.

  6. Karenne Sylvester

    Where is it, then? :-)

    Halloooo, we’re subscribed and waiting…
    .-= Karenne Sylvester´s last blog ..Getting Students Learning English through YouTube, H2LE (2) =-.

    1. burcuakyol

      Thank you Karenne. I will post the first one in a couple of days.


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