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My PLN says… – I

social networkIn the first post of my new series “My PLN says…”, I will share some selections from the last week of January and the first week of February. I’ve realized that this series will make me keep a closer and more frequent look at the resources and ideas shared by my PLN, which is great!


Attending educational chats was one my new year’s resolutions. Sometimes I have difficulty in following the calendar of educational chats. cybraryman1 who is one of the great resource sharers in my PLN tweeted a link to the list of Educational Chats and some info about how to follow them on his great web site.

-Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?-

Shaunwilden recommended a flash ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ quiz maker . I enjoyed it a lot! First you download it, then go to the web site again, make your own game and save it as a .txt file on your computer. It should be in the same folder where the .exe file is. When you run the application, you just enter the name of the file that you created and here is your game!

-iPad on Twitter-

Apple launched iPad on 27, January and the conversation started on Twitter. Here are some tweets I found interesting:
Three good articles via ianw91 :

5 ways the iPad and education could go together – Link to the article.
An iPad a Day Gives Students an A! – Link to the article.
An iPad in Every Classroom: First Impressions of Apple’s Tablet in Education – Link to the article.

Apple iPad vs Kindle DX: Which is Better for Education? – via ttomLink to the article.
My opinion: It looks cool but I’d rather wait and hear comments from people who actually use it. The idea of using e-coursebooks in the classrooms doesn’t sound too far away and I think they will be in our lives very soon.

-Great work by a 7th grader-

I am fascinated by a tutorial video tweeted bydavidwees . He tweeted a link to a blog post about a 7th grade student called Wendy who produced a video with her teacher about how she uses the social Web 2.0 tools to organize her school work. Amazing, isn’t it?

-A Published Study on the Impact of ICT and New Media on Language Learning

animajar tweeted a link to a study on the impact of ICT and new media on language learning.  I think every language teacher should read it.  Click here for the links to the study.

-How To Say That Name.com-

I am very happy to find out a web site where my name is pronounced correctly:-) evab2001 shared this link last week. On this web site, you can hear the correct pronunciation of thousands of names. It is very useful if you’re not sure about how to pronounce a friend’s or colleague’s name.

The 30 Goals Challenge: Join the Movement

Last week my lovely Twitter friend annapires tweeted that she downloaded ShellTerrell‘s amazing e-book called ‘The 30 Goals Challenge‘. Words are not enough to describe the value of Shelly’s contributions to her PLN. She is a great source of inspiration! I’m very happy that she will be at the ISTEK conference in March!

Two Great Guest Posts on ‘Teaching Village

barbsaka who is one of the greatest resource sharers of my PLN and a person who I really want to meet f2f one day has three great on-going series on her blog. One of them is called ‘Stuff All EFL Teachers Should Know‘. Recently, I’ve read two blog posts in this series from two inspiring members of my PLN: tamaslorincz and evab2001.
Tamas articulates my thoughts perfectly in his article called  ‘Things I’m happy to know‘  so I want to quote a paragraph here:
“The last 10 months has been an amazing journey into thinking about and understanding what I stand for as a teacher, as a learner – as a person. This time has given me strength and determination to stir waters, start new frontiers, try new tools and methods, share ideas feelings and frustrations. I’ve met people who taught me more than university courses, heard about things that changed my life and opened up possibilities I had never even contemplated.”

In her wonderful post called ‘Being an EFL teacher’ , Eva lists ten facts about being an EFL teacher and reminds me how lucky I am to be an English teacher.

You can visit Teaching Village to read these great articles.
Well…There are many many links and resources to share here but I don’t want to make it a very long post.
One last selection from Twitter. Yesterday Marisa_C shared a colourful and fun way of organizing bookmarks. Take a look at Symbaloo. I loved its highly visual style.
She also tweeted a video called Human Tetris which I really enjoyed. I haven’t seen this video before although Tetris is one of my most favourite games.

5 ways the iPad and education could go together | Stratepedia Blog http://ow.ly/123Gs #ipad

By the way I am really looking forward to meeting Marisa f2f at the ISTEK conference in Istanbul!

That is all for the first post of ‘My PLN Says…’. Stay tuned for the next:-)


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  1. Eva Büyüksimke?yan

    Dear Burcu,

    Well, this time it’s difficult to write a comment. First of all I’m so happy that you liked my post .When I started reading your blog, I admired your enthusiasm. Most of the people on my PLN motivates me, encourages me and shows me an other direction to continue. It’s amazing to see that there are many like-minded people around the world. No matter how far away from each other we have lots in common and this new concept of the PLN thing is great so this is an amazing first post of a great series. I’m sure it soon will become a favourite.
    BTW I’m so excited about the ISTEK conference and I’m happy to hear that Marisa Constantinides will be there too so I’ll have a chance to meet some of my PLN in person.
    .-= Eva Büyüksimke?yan´s last blog ..Themes of the month – a new series =-.

  2. Shelly Terrell

    What a great start to your new series! I really enjoyed the 7th grader’s video among the other gems. I love seeing students’ creations and hearing about the ways they love technology. I still remember the great impact your video of your students made at TESOL Paris.
    .-= Shelly Terrell´s last blog ..What Did They Tweet? =-.

  3. Adam

    Some really great ideas here, Burcu. I’ve been doing a really time consuming version of ‘Millionaire’ and I guess you may have just saved me a lot of time!
    .-= Adam´s last blog ..How to avoid exam invigilation cockups (from someone who’s been there) =-.

  4. Valentina Dodge

    Wow Burcy, you never cease to amaze. Your PLN says… and we can read!
    Thanks for this, very useful as always.

    I think your PLN says you are FAB. Where do you find the tab, I ask?
    .-= Valentina Dodge´s last blog ..Simply boxed – sharing comments, capturing content =-.

  5. Valentina Dodge

    Sorry about the typo in your name.
    I meant Burcu!
    Need to learn how to touch type properly from multiple keyboards.

    Quite a sweet new name for you though…
    .-= Valentina Dodge´s last blog ..Simply boxed – sharing comments, capturing content =-.

  6. Marisa Constantinides

    Hi Burcu and what a nice new series you have started.

    I am always interested in finding out what my PLN says and catching up on ideas, posts or tools which I may have missed!

    I so look forward to meeting you soon (yes, less than a month now!) and all the other friends, Eva, too!

    It will be my very first live “my PLN says” and it has filled me with great excitement!
    .-= Marisa Constantinides´s last blog ..Tech Tools & Pedagogy II – Word Clouds =-.

  7. Marisa Constantinides

    I am also really excited about meeting you all in Istanbul!!!!

    I am so looking forward to the ISTEK conference and, I must also confess, the sights and sounds of this great city!

    .-= Marisa Constantinides´s last blog ..What kind of teacher are you? Are you in your students’ “Hall of Fame”? =-.

  8. Barbara Sakamoto

    Wow! I just saw this post, Burcu. It’s wonderful and I’m looking forward to following this new series of you. Since the reason I missed the post is that I’ve been on the road most of this month giving teaching workshops, I’m especially happy to be able to catch up on some of the gems I missed.

    Already looking forward to the next post!
    .-= Barbara Sakamoto´s last blog ..Do It Your Way (by Janet Bianchini) =-.

  9. Bruce

    Some really great ideas here, Burcu. I’ve been doing a really time consuming version of ‘Millionaire’ and I guess you may have just saved me a lot of time!
    .-= Adam´s last blog ..How to avoid exam invigilation cockups (from someone who’s been there) =-.

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