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Dec 25

11 Random Facts, Questions, Answers and ELT Bloggers

Thanks to my friend Eva for tagging me in this blog challenge:) I met Eva (first online, then f2f) a couple of years ago, and she is one of the most valuable members of my PLN. Well, to say the truth, the challenge seemed a bit confusing to me, but I thought it could be fun. …

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Jan 29

Twitter Followers Are Not Avatars, They Are Real People

This morning, I noticed that a Turkish columnist who started following me and who I followed back unfollowed me (tongue twister of the day:) Then I went to friendorfollow and saw that a couple of Turkish professors did the same. First they follow people, then people follow them back and then they unfollow people. Is …

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Jan 27

My PLN Thinks… “Looking For Another Dimension” by Patrick Jackson

It’s a bit awkward. Most of my living is made from adoptions in far flung lands. I am frequently made to feel like the scum of the Earth and I read a lot of things that suggest my work is soon and inevitably going to disappear like something out of The Day After Tomorrow. Frozen …

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Mar 28

“10 Things For Teacher Bloggers To Do Before The ISTEK Conference” by Adam Simpson

Not many people know that my background is in business and economics. Not many people know this because it is a well-kept secret. Nevertheless, I like to dust off the Michael Douglas power-braces every now and then and get all business speaky. Here’s my list of ten go-getter strategies for the teacher blogger looking to …

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Jan 19

Project APLaNet Kicked Off In Barcelona

I was in Barcelona last weekend. Apart from having been robbed and as a result of some serious misguidance of the Turkish embassy, having been detained for two hours at the Istanbul airport, it was a fantastic trip. Project aPLaNet What I’d like to tell you about is the meeting we had there. It was …

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Feb 09

My PLN says… – I

In the first post of my new series “My PLN says…”, I will share some selections from the last week of January and the first week of February. I’ve realized that this series will make me keep a closer and more frequent look at the resources and ideas shared by my PLN, which is great! …

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Jan 30

European Union Request and Invitation for Associate Partners

Autonomous ‘Personal Learning Networks’ for Language Teachers (APLaNet) For Language Educators and Users of Internet Language Resources. The APLaNet project will be showing and helping language educators how to join existing and create their own Personal Learning Networks (PLN) on existing social networks. The project will show you how to join and use the resources …

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Jan 28

A New Series: My PLN says…

I am starting a new series called “My PLN says…” . The readers will find a selection of ideas and resources which are shared on Twitter, Facebook and other online networks and communities. I am planning to post my selections twice a month but sometimes it can be less or more frequent depending on my …

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Dec 01

40 Influential and Innovative Educators in ELT

who will help you see the power of PLN (PART II) Kyle B. Pace (USA): Kyle is one of the people in my list who is not an English teacher. He is a must-to-follow in my opinion. I don’t need to write about him in detail. Start following him and then you will realize what …

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Nov 28

40 Influential and Innovative Educators in ELT

who will help you see the power of PLN (PART I) I know what it feels like to be new to online social networking and the world of Web 2.0. You decide that it would be good to meet English teachers from other countries, learn about Web 2.0 and may even be thinking of starting …

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